A Plus Calls Out Sarkodie For Taking Bribe From Akufo-Addo

A Plus Calls Out Sarkodie For Taking Bribe From Akufo-Addo (Video)

After Sarkodie attempted to criticize the government, A Plus took aim at him with a harmless tweet that said nothing.

After posting the most innocuous criticism of all time, which didn’t really target the government, Sarkodie was criticized.

He was clearly trying to act like he was experiencing the pain of Ghanaians, and speaking up, when in fact he was not saying anything substantive.

He was hypocritical, and it’s not surprising that social media users reacted with anger.

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Sarkodie was criticized for his attacks on Mahama and NDC many times while they were in office, but he became silent when the NPP was in power.

Kwame A Plus addressed Sarkodie about his lame tweet, and said that Sark can’t speak out against the NPP since he was paid.

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A Plus was asked by Bridget Otoo why he believes that Sarkodie can’t speak out against the NPP in an interview.

He admitted that it was because Sark had been paid by the NPP, making them his paymasters.

He said that it is difficult for Sarkodie, because he doesn’t want to offend any of his ‘masters’ by speak out against them.

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A Plus stated that this is the reason Sarkodie doesn’t feel the pains of Ghanaians, as he receives payments from the NPP.

A Plus, however, said that Sarkodie should speak out because the President doesn’t mind being criticized.

Source: Kingaziz.com

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