Adekunle Gold Reveals He’s Learning To Say NO With His Chest

Singer Adekunle Gold has revealed that he’s learning to say NO with his full chest when it comes to things he doesn’t like and not want to associate with.

According to Adekunle Gold, it’s liberating to be able to say NO with his full chest to things he doesn’t want to do or things he doesn’t want to associate with and that is why he is learning to say no to most things.

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Being able to say no is something that helps the individual as it helps you not to go against your principles and do things you don’t want to do and that is exactly what Adekunle Gold is learning to do and not do things he doesn’t want.

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Moving forward, if Adekunle Gold says no to you in anything you ask him or he refuses to compromise then you have to realize that it’s something he doesn’t want to do or be associated with, in the first place.

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Almost everyone needs to learn how to say no at some point in time as most of the things we do turns out to harm or hurt us at the end but could have been avoidable with a simple NO hence let’s follow Adekunle Gold and learn to say NO.

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