Akuapem Poloo Weeps As She Narrates How She Was Treated By The Female Prisoners

It seems Akuapem Poloo has gotten exactly what she wanted as she is trending massively ever since her Law suit began.

The actress seem to driven all the attention to her self as from the Press conference to her Instagram live she has got thousands of Ghanaians flooding her page to see her next move.

The actress has sadly recalled how she spent her days at the female prison and what the Prison inmate did to her.

image result of Akuapem Poloo
Akuapem Poloo

According to her, she never though she would ever change from her old ways after spending a few days behind bars.

She revealed that the inmates there treated her well telling her she doesn’t deserve to be in Prison for such a small offense.

She then added that she couldn’t eat or sleep which contributed to her loosing so much weight.