Akumaa Mama Zimbi And Joyce Blessing Allegedly Clashed Over Gym Instructor For His ‘Thing’ (Video)

The drama surrounding Little, the deceased gym instructor who was gunned down for allgedly sleeping with multiple women at Tratra Hills- a suburb of Accra, has been given a new lease of twist.

In the words of Facebook celebrity and vlogger Maame Tiwa, Mama Zimbi was indeed warming the bed of the young and was the principal sugar mummy out of about four older women vying for his attention.

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Obaa Tiwaa alleged that the apartment Little was staying in and the motorcycle he was using at the time of his death were all paid for by Mama Zimbi.

She went on to reveal that Joyce Blessing and Akumaa Mama Zimbi once had a heated confrontation over Little, probably over whose turn it was to receive for his thing down to brush their vajayjay.

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Watch all the info she dropped in the video below;

Source: Kingaziz.com