Alan Carr Collapses On Stage After Injuring His Leg During Live Show

46-year-old comedian, Alan Carr has revealed that he passed out on stage due to shooting pains in his leg.

Alan has spent the past three weeks touring the UK with his Regional Trinket show, wowing crowds everywhere he goes. However, things did not go as planned as the Chatty Man was forced to finish his performance on crutches due to what he later referred to as “the worst cramp ever.”

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Picture Credit: Getty Images

When Alan started “rolling around on the floor” during his performance at Glasgow’s King’s Theatre, several audience members mistakenly believed it was part of the act before realizing he was truly in pain.

Later that evening, the comedian posted a video to his Instagram Story showing him icing his leg with frozen peas and commenting, “If you came to the gig tonight, you’ll know.”

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Picture Credit: Alan Carr, Instagram

“I’ve been performing up in Glasgow and there’s a bit in my routine where I pretend to be Jason Statham and I high-kicked, and then I got the worst cramp ever,” he added in another video.