Alec Baldwin Children: Meet All His 7 Kids

Alexander Rae Baldwin III is an American entertainer, producer, jokester, and political dissident.

Baldwin was the second of six children, and three of his brothers, Stephen, William, and Daniel, were also actors. In 1976, he enrolled at George Washington University to study law, but he later transferred to New York University to study drama.

He landed a role on the daytime soap opera The Doctors while still in college. Baldwin later appeared in several other television projects before joining the cast of the popular nighttime drama Knots Landing. He also acted on stage during this time, making his Broadway debut in the 1986 production of Loot.

Alec Baldwin Children: Meet All His 7 Kids

Since getting married in 2012, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have steadily grown their family, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t experienced hardships or difficulties. Having experienced two miscarriages in 2019, Hilaria has been open about how difficult the process is.

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However, Alec and his wife Hilaria have six children in addition to his stepdaughter making seven.

Alec Baldwin

 Carmen Baldwin

The couple welcomed their first child Carmen Baldwin together in August 2013, one year after getting married to Hilaria in 2012. Carmen appears to be modeling her attire after her older sister Ireland and her distant cousin Hailey Baldwin, whose father is Alec’s brother, Stephen Baldwin. Carmen, on the other hand, is maturing far too quickly for her mother to like.

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Rafael Thomas Baldwin

The second child of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, Rafael Thomas, were born on June 17, 2015. He is known as “Rafa” and enjoys playing with his brothers as well as teasing Carmen, their sister, in their mother’s makeup cabinet.

Leonardo Baldwin

The third child of the couple, Leonardo, was born in September 2016. “Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin is our newest member, and we are happy to welcome you. His birth was such a happy day, Hilaria said while sharing the first picture of her child on Instagram.

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin

The Baldwin family welcomed a new son in 2018. He’s here now! He is faultless! Hilaria joyfully announced the news on her Instagram page, saying that the baby weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces (3.6 kilograms).

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Eduardo Pau Lucas  Baldwin

Alec and Hilaria’s rainbow baby, their fifth child, was born in September 2020. Hilaria miscarried twice in 2019—once in April and once in November—resulting in two losses for the couple in the year before Eduardo was born.

 Lucia Baldwin

The couple quietly welcomed their sixth child on March 2, shocking the world with their announcement. So there are seven in all.

Ireland Baldwin

Alec and his then-wife Kim Basinger welcomed Ireland into their family in October 1995. When Ireland was just seven years old, the former Hollywood power couple wed and divorced between 1993 and 2002.