Alex Jones

Alex Jones Family: Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings, Nationality, Ethnicity

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Alexander Emerick Jones was born on 11 February 1974 in Dallas, Texas.
He is a controversial American conservative radio show and conspiracy theorist.

His show The Alex Jones Show is syndicated across the United States and online by the Genesis Communications Network from Austin, Texas.

Jones who claims Comanche, English, German, Irish, and Welch ancestry briefly attended Austin Community College after he had gone there from Anderson High School where he played football.

Alex Jones
Alex Jones

He began his broadcasting career in Austin where he did live, call-in format public-access cable television programs. He moved to radio broadcasting in 1996 on KJFK where he hosted The Final Edition.

Jones runs Infowars, NewsWars, and PrisonPlanet websites; described by some as conduits for the spread of fake news.

On January 23, 2018, Jones announced he would be working with author Neil Strauss on his upcoming book, titled The Secret History of the Modern World & the War for the Future.

Alex Jones Family: Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings, Nationality, Ethnicity

Alex Jones Wife

Jones is currently married to yoga instructor Erika Wulff.

Alex Jones Children

Jones has four children from his two marriages but the identities of his children are undisclosed at the moment.

Alex Jones Parents

Jones was born to David and Carol Jones.

Alex Jones Siblings

It is not clear yet if Jones has any siblings.

Alex Jones Nationality

Jones is an American.

Alex Jones Ethnicity

Jones is a Caucasian.