American Model Tyger Booty Found Dead In Her Hotel Room In Ghana After Flying To Have Fun With Ghanaian Billionaire

Tyger Booty, an Instagram model from the United States, has reportedly been found dead in her hotel room in Accra after flying over to Ghana to have fun with an unidentified Ghanaian billionaire.

According to reports, the unidentified Ghanaian billionaire sponsored her expensive trip and all the fun package in Ghana, but it did not end well as she found dead on her hotel room.

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The cause of her death is currently unknown, however, preliminary speculation suggests that she died of a fentanyl drug overdose or probably died by suicide.

Below are some reactions on her sad death;

@myhungryworld: 🙏🏽 😢 …. Gosh, this world is such a strange and unfamiliar territory to me lately; it astonishes me that you can be in one place thinking or feeling something … not knowing that somewhere else something completely different can be occurring in the same space of time. Incredibly sorry to learn that you have passed 💔 🙏🏽 I was just looking at our videos from Christmas past. 🙏🏽 I’ll pray for you and your family and your friends.

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@tommy_mobile: Hopefully others can learn from how she actually pass away. God bless the family.

@moonllier: @tommy_mobile How? No one is saying what happened?

@thesnakecharmerrr: @moonllier some are saying it was an accidental OD due to fentanyl. It’s really sad IF true.

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@telisha08: As the comments pour in PLEASE be respectful! She was a DAUGHTER, MOTHER, SISTER, and FRIEND! 🙏🏾 SENDING PRAYERS to the family!!! Theres a HEAVEN for a REAL ONE ♋️ love you always 💕