Angie Everhart Accused of Egging Neighbor’s Apartment, Cops Called

American actress and former model, Angie Everhart had the cops called on her for allegedly trashing her neighbor’s apartment with eggs following an altercation over a dog barking late in the night in the neighborhood.

According to TMZ, Angie was yelling at her neighbor, Christina Savar’s kids earlier this month about their dog being too noisy and waking her up. Christina adds that a confrotation on the issue resulted in a fight with Angie recording her and claiming that she (Christina) had threatened her.

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Picture Credit: RedCarpetReport.TV

Christina revealed that after failing to answer the door around 1 am that night she woke up in the morning to see her front door and balcony covered in eggs. She then called the cops on Angie as she is of high hopes that she is the culprit and the only one who could have done such a thing.

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Police officials hurried to the scene to ensure calm. However, no arrests have been made so far.