Anne Whitfield Children: Meet Julie Stevens, Evan Schiller, Allison Phillips

Learn more about the children of Anne Whitfield, the star known best for her role in the 1954 holiday film “White Christmas,” who has passed away at the age of 85.

Anne Whitfield, a prominent American actress across radio, television, stage, and film, was recognized for her versatile talents. It’s worth noting that her first name was occasionally spelled as Ann.

The late Anne Whitfield had a diverse career trajectory. She commenced her journey at the age of seven, lending her voice to various radio characters, notably Phyllis Harris on “The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show.”

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Transitioning to television, Whitfield graced screens with appearances in shows like “Perry Mason” and secured a role in the iconic film “White Christmas.”

In 1976, Whitfield made a significant shift away from Hollywood to pursue academic endeavors, eventually delving into water quality education and emerging as an advocate for environmental causes.

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Tragically, on February 15, Anne Whitfield passed away at Valley Memorial Hospital, surrounded by her loved ones, following an unforeseen accident during a walk in her neighborhood.

Anne Whitfield Children: Meet Julie Stevens, Evan Schiller, Allison Phillips

Anne Whitfield is survived by her three grown children: Julie Stevens, Evan Schiller, and Allison Phillips, along with seven grandchildren.

From her first marriage (1958–1969), she had two children: Evan Schiller, her son, and Allison Phillips, her daughter.

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Subsequently, she tied the knot with John F. Phillips (1976–2008), with whom she welcomed Julie Stevens, her second daughter.

Beyond her illustrious acting career, Anne’s legacy is celebrated by her children and grandchildren for her dedication to environmental causes, activism, and her passion for exploration and travel. These tributes continue to honor her memory following her passing in February 2024.