“Appearance Can Be Deceptive” – Nakeeyat Reacts To Bleaching Rumors With New Photos

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The Mother Of the winner of the 2019 Talented Kidz, Nakeeyat has finally reacted to rumours that she is bleaching her daughter’s skin.

There have been several reports that Nakeeyat’s mother is bleaching her after a photo of her with light skin with viral

In the photo, her legs and feet looked whiter than her face which made social media user point fingers at her mother

Reacting to this, Nakeeyat’s mother claimed her daughter uses Baby Oil as her pomade just like other children.

According to her, there is no way her daughter will ever bleach not under her supervision and that she will never bleach her skin

She then posted several photos of her daughter with the caption;

“Appearance can be deceptive 👌🏾 Note: Don’t be too quick to judge.
#2019 at #gaeawards

See the photos below;