Asantewaa Visits A Sick Mr Ibu At The Hospital In Nigeria, Surprises Fans As He Speaks Twi Fluently In Video

TikTok Star Asantewaa paid veteran Nigerian actor Mr Ibu a visit at the hospital in Nigeria and a video of the two has warmed the hearts of many netizens.

Mr Ibu is not well and is recovering at the hospital and Asantewaa, while in Nigeria decided to pay him a visit to find out how he was doing.

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While sitting next to him on the hospital bed, Asantewaa hinted at another Nigerian friend who was also in the room with them that ‘Akwaaba’ meaning ‘Welcome’, is the only Ghanaian word many Nigerians know.

Mr Ibu then interjected and asked Asantewaa how she was doing in Asante Twi. Surprisingly, Asantewaa replied saying she was well.

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Mr Ibu then said he was doing very very well and this got Asantewaa excited as she shouted ‘Amen’ in the video. Many Ghanaian fans have been left in awe at how fluently Mr Ibu spoke Asante Twi, while many others are also wishing him a speedy recovery.

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