Barbara Stamm Husband: Who Is Ludwig Stamm?

Barbara Stamm was born on 29 October 1944 in Mergentheim, Württemberg, Germany.
She was a German politician who belonged to the Christian Social Union (CSU), a party she joined in 1969 and rose to be its vice-chair.

Stamm was the President of the Landtag of Bavaria until 2018.
After having trained as a teacher, she worked caring for young people in the Diocese of Würzburg.

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Barbara Stamm
Barbara Stamm

Born to a mother who was deaf and had an alcoholic stepfather had a difficult childhood characterized by her spending time in foster care and an orphanage.

Stamm’s difficult childhood did not deter her from attaining lofty heights until she was hit by an undisclosed illness.
She succumbed to the illness after a long battle, on 5 October 2022 at the age of 77.

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Barbara Stamm Husband: Who Is Ludwig Stamm?

Ludwig Stamm was the husband of the late Barbara Stamm.
Ludwig and Barbara have three children; Elisabeth, Claudia, and Thomas.

Although Ludwig is often seen at public events with his wife Barbara, very little is known about him.
He appears to have been a very supportive husband to his late wife.

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