BBMzansi 2022: Big Brother Mzansi Nominations Result For This Week 5

Big Brother Mzansi Nominations Result For This Week 5. Yesterday brought forth another set of nominees for possible eviction.

Just after waking up from the sadness of last night’s goodbyes, Biggie called the Big Brother Mzansi housemates to submit individual nominations for a new batch of housemates to be placed on the table for possible eviction on Sunday.

The housemates are usually the head of house and the Deputy HoH make the nominations, however, this time Biggie was determined to fulfill his sassy plot twist in Conspiracy Corner.

Now that housemates can come together to discuss who they will nominate and who they’d like to see to leave the house, it created a lot of interesting games in the Nominations Diary Session tonight.

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With just 45 seconds to place three housemates on the cutting block, below is how the Housemates nominated their results.

  • Norman: Vyno, Tulz, and Nthabii
  • Vyno: Norman, Yoli, and Gash1
  • Gash1: Terry, Nthabii, and Mphowabadimo
  • Sis Tamara: Themba, Terry, and Vyno
  • Themba Yoli: Terry, and Tulz
  • Libo Gash1: Yoli, and Themba
  • Tulz Yoli: Themba, and Norman
  • Yoli Tulz: Nthabii, and Mphowabadimo
  • Terry: Yoli, Norman, and Gash1
  • Nale: Gash1, Themba, and Yoli
  • Venus: Nthabii, Gash1, and Thato
  • Mphowabadimo: Yoli, Norman, and Tulz
  • Nthabii: Norman, Terry, and Gash1
  • Thato: Nthabii, Libo, and Mphowabadimo
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The final nominees are; Gash1, Norman, Nthabii, Terry, Themba, Tulz, and Yoli.

Introducing the Veto Power Of HOH

Sis Tamara, Head of House, was asked to use his save and replace power in order to protect one of the housemates against possible eviction. Sis Tamara chose to save Tulz in front of their Housemates and replace him with Vyno.

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Tensions surrounding the Nominations are high. Terry is on the chopping blocks. We wonder how their friendship will survive.

Big Brother Mzansi Nominations Result For This Week 5

Gash1, Norman, Nthabii, Terry, Themba, Vyno, and Yoli are now up for possible Eviction this Sunday as it stands now. While most housemates seem relaxed and easygoing, there is a shift within the House. To truly understand where housemates stand with one another, some loyalties will have to be tested this week.

Watch the video below;