BBMzansi 2022: The Moment Norman And Thato Kissed While On Bed (Video)

It seems Norman might be building up some kind of feelings for Thato, as the two have been seen kissing at the Big Brother Mzansi house while on a bed.

While in a calm time, Norman and thato were having a private chat. Norman told Thato that he’s not going to betray her trust since the whole story will be revealed in the final.

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He does not want to be viewed as an “douchebag”. Thato was impressed with his loyalty, and says he’s his “best person in the house.”

Then she tells him she must go to bed because Norman has “that weird look” in his eyes. Norman did not know what she meant, so he requested her to demonstrate it to him, which she did.

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At the end, they exchanged a brief kiss. They then shared a few kisses.

Watch the video below;