BBMzansi 2022: Zino And B.U Evicted From The Big Brother House For Week 4

Zino and B.U have been evicted from the 2022 Big Brother house for week 4, as there is now a serious change to the rules, which will change the game in a fundamental way.

B.U., Libo, Nale, Thato, Venus, Vyno, and Zino started the day with Nominations hanging over their heads, and they knew that at least one of them would be evicted according to the old rules. However, that wasn’t the case.

Not wasting time, Lawrence named Zino as the first housemate to have to walk out of the door for the night.

The displeasure was evident on his face, and other Housemates were shocked. They’ve never hid their view of him as a little brother. His cheerful attitude was well-received in the house.

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The sole reason Zino was listed in the first place is that Gash1 employed his authority as the head of house to save Norman and then replace him with Zino.

In his exit interview with Lawrence, Zino remained positive. “It’s been a privilege,” he said, referring to his time in the Big Brother Mzansi House.

He also stated that he would be missing the entire housemates. Then Lawrence began to ask the question in a hypothetical way. “You walk into the House,” he said, “single – no relationship outside the House – which Housemate.”

“Venus!” Zino interrupted and saved Lawrence some time. It was evident that he considered this scenario prior to. Following that, the time came to say Zino goodbye as they performed with the entire studio crew singing happy birthday to you before Zino quit the stage.

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Lawrence was able to put Nale as well as Libo away from their own misery in the middle of the night. This could be pleasant, however, it would only have been successful in dialing up the tension of the remaining Nominees.

In the end, Lawrence returned to the house and informed all the housemates at their own turn that they were secure. Lawrence concluded with B.U. but he didn’t tell him he was secure.

Instead, he informed him that he has been evicted and needed to quit the house. B.U. was clearly shocked, and Venus was clearly upset.

He quickly brushed his head, however, he was smiling during his final conversation with Lawrence.

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He said the only thing he regretted was that he didn’t cook enough vegan meals for his housemates, which means the food he cooked wasn’t enough to let them know the advantages of this lifestyle.

After the double eviction, the house was shaken, however, Biggie had another twist to shook it to the next level, and in the meantime, the housemates are permitted to take part in a “Nominations conspiracy” which involves discussing who they’ll be nominating and forming teams. This is only allowed within a specific area and only during certain time periods. The situation is about to become exciting.

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