Becca Hailed As She Donates $2k to Moesha Boduong’s Gofundme

Ghanaian singer Becca has demonstrated her generosity by contributing to a GoFundMe account established to assist actress Moesha Budong with her medical expenses.

Moesha, described as a lively actress, has been unable to speak or move for the past week, and her memory is compromised. Reports suggest she is presently in a critical condition, requiring financial support.

Moesha’s brother revealed that $10,000 is required for her hospital bills, and the fundraising effort has garnered $4,000 so far.

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Notably, Becca, also known as Rebecca Acheampong, donated $2,000, half of the amount collected. This act of kindness by the musician has been applauded by social media users, acknowledging her support for her friend and colleague in need.

“God bless her so much🙌🙌”, a netizen wrote.

“Definitely from her. God bless you Becca and all the donors”, another wrote.

Meanwhile, some individuals expressed criticism in the comment section, specifically targeting female celebrities like Fella Makafui and Salma Mumin. They argued that these personalities, who were close to Moesha when she was in good health, should be actively involved in supporting her, similar to Becca.

Commenting on the situation, one netizen questioned Salma Mumin’s recent friendship with Fella Makafui, suggesting that now is the time for them to step up and contribute.

“Now that Salma is doing friends with Fella Makafui hmmmm here we dey …Salma have you donated for your pal yet or I should send you the link?”, a netizen wrote.

Another netizen urged someone named @aba_the_great1 to share the fundraising link with Salma, indicating a call for more support from those associated with Moesha before her health declined.

“Please @aba_the_great1 have you shared it with her good friend Salma …”, a netizen suggested.