Benedicta Gafah Reappears Online With Wide Hips After They Vanished In A Recent Video

Benedicta Gafah has become the most recent Ghanaian famous person to make the vast difference between her life online and offline.

If you’re told not to trust everything you see on social media, simply make use of Ghanaian stars as a gauge.

They’re portrayed on the internet as the most gorgeous and successful people on Earth.

But, when they’re seen on the offline internet or out in real life, in which filters or Photoshop aren’t able to help, we see something totally different.

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Benedicta Gafah a few days ago was captured in a video shot by blogger GhKwaku.

Gafah was in her usual style of slaying, but there was one major omission, her typically massive hips were not there.

Because she didn’t have the time to prepare for uploading massive photos in the studio, she was strolling around in comfy jeans and a top and kept her hip pads tucked at home.

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So, the moment Kwaku released the footage, her typically huge hips were in normal size.

Today, December 1, Gafah is back online, so her usual large hips have returned.

She’s uploaded a picture, and it is clear that the hip pads are corrected and give her the huge hips she is known for.

It’s clear that her body shape is due to her pads. It also is a confirmation to those who have recently caught her by slipping her hip pad.

Take a look at Gafah’s latest photo and then compare it to the video below. The contrast is much more evident.