Big Brother Mzansi 2022: Tulz Tells Thato He Has A Crush On Her (Video)

Tulz has told Thato that he has a crush on her at the ongoing BBMzansi season 3, however, Thato was thinking Tulz is pulling a prank on her.

She’s not sure if he’s playing with her, or is it actually real. He does his best convincing her that he’s not playing about, and that he’s serious, encourages her to take a moment to think about the situation.

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If there’s anything that’s for certain is that Thato was not his first choice. I believe she should offer him the deuce.

If you remember that time, when the housemates first arrived in Big Brother House, Tulz had a crush on Nale while Thato had a crush on Tulz in which Tulz was very clear to her that it was Nale that he was most interested in.

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Since he’s been rejected by Nale who could also have a love for him, but Nale insists on being just a friend.

Watch the video below;