Bill Belichick Children: Stephen Belichick, Brian Belichick, Amanda Belichick

William Stephen Belichick was born on 16 April 16 1952 in Nashville, Tennessee.
He is an American professional football coach who is the head coach of the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL).

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick

Although not officially designated as such, Bill acts as the general manager of the Patriots.
His first stint with the team was as assistant head coach and defensive backs coach in 1996, and his second stint as head coach has lasted more than two decades.

Within the stated period, Belichick has won the upper Bowl on six occasions and also won the AP NFL Coach of the Year three times.

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The 70-year-old has been previously married to businesswoman Debby Clarke and had three children with her.
They divorced in 2006 but we want to look at who their children are in this piece.

Bill Belichick Children: Stephen Belichick, Brian Belichick, Amanda Belichick

Stephen Belichick, Brian Belichick, and Amanda Belichick are the children of Bill Belichick.

Stephen Belichick

Stephen was born on 25 March 1985 in Summit, New Jersey.
He is an American football coach who is the outside linebackers coach for the New England Patriots.

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Belichick had his high school education at The Rivers School and was college educated at Rutger University.
He is married to a woman call Jennifer Schmitt.

Brian Belichick

Brian like his brother is also a football coach with the New England Patriots as safeties coach.
He attended The Rivers School and Suffield Academy where he played lacrosse, he then went to Trinity College where again he played lacrosse.

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He joined the Patriots in 2016 as a scouting assistant.
He is the youngest of the Belichick siblings.
Belichick is married to Catherine “Callie” D. McLaughlin.

Amanda Belichick

Amanda is the only female among the Belichick siblings.
She is the current head coach of the women’s lacrosse team at the Holy Cross.
She is into her seventh season as head coach.
Belichick attended Phillips Academy-Andover and Wesleyan University.

She has been married to Anthony Desantis since 2017.