Bongo Ideas On The Run As Fella Makafui Threatens To Arrest Him For Alleging She Slept With Medikal’s Former Manager

Award-winning Ghanaian actress, mother and wife, Fella Makafui, has threatened to get highly opinionated and vociferous Ghanaian blogger and critic Albert Nat Hyde popularly known as Bongo Ideas arrested.

Fella Makfui’s stern caution to the blogger followed after he publicly accused her of supposedly having an intimate affair with Medikal’s sacked manager, Flow Delly.

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As claimed by Bongo Ideas on his ‘explosive’ Twitter timeline, he has received information from a verifiable source that the Medikal sacked Flow Delly from his camp to save his marriage.

In his viral tweet, he additionally alleged that the reason Fella Makafui has taken off her wedding ring for the past few weeks is that her marriage is just an inch away from collapsing after Medikal busted her affair with Flow Delly.

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Reacting to this wild allegation from the blogger, agitated Fella Makfui has publicly revealed that he will get the police involved in the whole issue because Bongo Ideas has no facts about what he has confidently posted on his socials to destroy her marriage and also defame her in the process.

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Infurtaited Fella hinted the blogger to expect her wrath in the coming days because she’ll make sure he’s put behind bars with all the resources at her disposal.

Watch the video below to know more…