Bruce MacVittie Children: Did Bruce MacVittie Have Kids?

Hollywood in particular and the world at large has lost one of its most versatile actors.

Bruce MacVittie is an actor who has been acting since he was a teenager. He was born on 14 October 1956 in Providence, Rhode Island.

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The actor died in New York City on 7 May 2022. In the Law and Order franchise, he is known to have played eleven characters.

Bruce MacVittie
Bruce MacVittie (IMDb)

Bruce MacVittie Children: Did Bruce MacVittie Have Kids?

Bruce MacVittie had a daughter. Her name is Sophia Oliva Ochs. She was born to him by his wife Carol Ochs who he married in 1997.

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MacVittie’s death was first announced by Sophia’s mother on her facebook page.

The family is yet to disclose the funeral arrangements of MacVittie.

Sophia and her mother keep a very low profile, so it is difficult to come by any details on them.

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We are however working hard around the clock to get you more details on them. Watch this space.