Bruce Willis Illness: What Happened To Bruce Willis?

Bruce Willis Illness: What Happened To Bruce Willis? Walter Bruce Willis is a retired American actor who career began on the off-Broadway stage in the 1970s.

He came to the limelight with a leading role on the comedy-drama series Moonlighting (1985–1989) and appeared in over a hundred films.

Born on March 19, 1955, in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, Willis gained widespread recognition as an action hero after his portrayal of John McClane in the Die Hard franchise (1988–2013) and other roles.

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Willis’s other credits include The Last Boy Scout (1991), Pulp Fiction (1994), 12 Monkeys (1995), Last Man Standing (1996), The Fifth Element (1997), Armageddon (1998), The Sixth Sense (1999), Hart’s War (2002), Tears of the Sun (2003), Hostage (2005), Lucky Number Slevin (2006), Surrogates (2009), Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Rock the Kasbah (2015) and Motherless Brooklyn (2019).

In the later year of his career, Willis starred in a number of independent films with low budgets, which were not well received.

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Bruce Willis Illness: What Happened To Bruce Willis?
Bruce Willis (Getty Images)

Bruce Willis Illness: What Happened To Bruce Willis?

On March 20, 2022, Bruce Willis family announced his retirement due to Aphasia, a disorder that impacts the way we communicate.

What Is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a disorder of communication that impacts someone’s capacity to communicate or comprehend speech. It also affects how they comprehend written words as well as the ability of reading and writing.

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What Causes Aphasia?

Aphasia typically result from the result of a stroke or hemorrhage within the brain. It could be caused by injury to the brain due to a trauma to the brain, such as from an accident in the car. Brain tumors can cause the development of aphasia as well.