Charlbi Dean Children: Did Charlbi Dean Have Kids?

Charlbi Dean was a South African actress and model who played the lead in the upcoming movie Triangle of Sadness and the CW series Black Lightning.

The Triangle of Sadness movie, which won awards at the Cannes Film Festival, featured the South African actress, who was also a model, opposite Woody Harrelson.

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She played the role of model Yaya, who negotiated the world of high fashion with her lover Carl (Harris Dickinson).

Charlbi Dean
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The movie had its world premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival and took home the Palme d’Or, the festival’s top honor.

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Dean’s main role in the comedy Spud, starring Troye Sivan, marked the beginning of her on-screen career in 2010. She returned to the sequel in 2013 and afterward had an appearance on the CBS television series Elementary.

Charlbi Dean Children: Did Charlbi Dean Have Kids?

Charlbi Dean did not have children. She never had kids and did not marry as well until her death.

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However, she dated model Luke Volker from 2018 until her death.

Dean passed away on August 29, 2022, from an unexpected illness at a hospital in New York City.