Charlotte Crosby’s Mum Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Despite Having No Symptoms

The mother of famous English media personality, Charlotte Crosby has been diagnosed with breast cancer even though there are no symptoms or lumps in her breast.

Letitia Crosby, 53, was astonished to learn she had breast cancer, which was discovered during a regular mammography, despite not having any indications of lumps.

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Charlotte Crosby and mother
Picture Credit: @charlottegshore

“It was just a routine mammogram, I have never missed one. When they told me it was cancer I was floored. It was so difficult to tell Charlotte I had cancer. We had all the happy news a couple of months before that she was having the baby,” Letitia told The Sun.

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Charlotte Crosby
Picture Credit: Instagram

Her daughter, Charlotte also discovered a lump in her own breast shortly after her mother’s diagnosis. However, a medical check proved that it was nothing to worry about.

Charlotte and Letitia are pushing for the age to be lowered; currently, routine mammograms start between the ages of 50 and 53 and continue every three years until the person reaches the age of 71.

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