Chris Evans Says He Is ‘Laser Focused on Finding A Partner’ Very Soon

Famous American actor, Chris Evans has revealed that he is really focused on getting himself a partner in the near future as he opens up about his love life.

Despite the demanding and time-consuming demands of his performing job, the 41-year-old actor stated that he was currently trying to bring someone special into his life.

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Evans mentioned that he was seeking a little romance when asked what he was “laser-focused” on accomplishing in the near future.

Picture Credit: WireImage

“The answer would be that maybe [I’m] laser-focused on finding a partner, you know, someone that you want to live with,” he said.

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Speaking about how his career tolls on his personal life, Chris Evans said, “I love what I do. It’s great; I pour all of myself into it. But in terms of — even this industry is full of pockets of doubt, hesitation, and recalibration in terms of really trying to find someone that you really can pour all of yourself into.”

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