D.L. Hughley Says Donald Trump Must Be Put Behind Bars For The January 6th Insurrectiom

According to D.L. Hughley, Donald Trump should be imprisoned for his involvement in the uprising because he believes that any other decision would spell the end of justice as we know it.

Speaking in an interview with TMZ, the American actor who doubles as a stand-up comedian said that the idea of justice in America is dead if the Department of Justice does not indict Trump and everyone else involved. He added that he has already seen sufficient evidence to establish that Trump committed sedition.

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He explained that Trump weaponized the mob that broke into the Capitol building on the unfortunate day and was also behind the fake elector’s scheme — the very allegation Trump has been propagating.

D.L. asserts that the rebellion was significantly worse than Watergate, and he claims that Trump and his supporters’ refusal to testify under oath tells much about their character.

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Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com