Daniella BBNaija Biography, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Instagram, Pictures, Net Worth, State, Tribe, Occupation, Hometown, Boyfriend, Parents

Daniella BBNaija Biography, Wikipedia

Daniella Utangbe Peters was born in 2000 and is a spoken word artist and an actress. She is a twin who hails from Obudu in Cross River State.


She stated in an interview that she does not believe in love at first sight and loves working out and keeping fit.

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Daniella BBNaija Age

Daniella is 22 years old

Daniella BBNaija Real Name

Daniella’s real name is Daniella Utangbe Peters.

Daniella BBNaija Instagram

Daniella has an active Instagram account with 38.8k followers.

Daniella BBNaija Pictures


Daniella Pictures

Daniella BBNaija Net Worth

Daniella is estimated to be worth $10,000.00

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Daniella BBNaija State

Daniella is from Cross River State.

Daniella BBNaija Tribe

Daniella’s tribe is currently undisclosed.

Daniella BBNaija Occupation

Daniel is a poet by occupation.

Daniella BBNaija Hometown

Daniella is from Obudu in Cross River State.

Daniella BBNaija Boyfriend

Daniella is currently without a boyfriend.

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Daniella BBNaija Parents

The identity of Daniella’s parents is undisclosed at the moment.


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