Dansoman: Waakye Seller Spotted With Chicken Leg Tied To Her Beads Allegedly To Win More Customers

A popular Waakye seller at Dansoman Beach Road known popularly as Zeliar waakye has been spotted with a chicken leg tied to her beads just to win more customers.

In the photos chanced by Kingaziz.com, the Waakye seller was seen with one dried leg of a chicken tied to her beads along with a small black substance.

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According to the one who spotted the chicken leg around the waist of the Waakye seller, he and her girlfriend visited the woman at the place where she sells the Waakye to buy some to eat, and the time they got there, the woman was arranging her things, but unfortunately, the wind blew her blouse, exposing what was hiding under her garment.

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They couldn’t buy it again, and they called people to come and see what this popular woman has been using to sell her food. Its alleged that this is a ritual of the Waakye seller purposely for winning more customers to patronize her food.

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Source: Kingaziz.com

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