Daria Kasatkina Husband or Boyfriend, Age, Ranking, Coach, Height, Children

Daria Kasatkina, hailing from Russia, is a skilled professional in the realm of tennis. Her ascent to the top ten of the WTA rankings began in the latter part of the 2018 season, culminating in her achieving a career-high ranking of world No. 8 on October 24, 2022. Throughout her career on the WTA Tour, Kasatkina has clinched six singles titles and one doubles title.

To delve deeper into Daria Kasatkina’s story, explore facets such as her biography, romantic relationships, age, ranking, coaching team, physical attributes including height and weight, potential family life including children, and more.

Daria Kasatkina Biography

Daria Kasatkina entered the world on May 7, 1997, in Tolyatti, Samara Oblast, Russia. She is the daughter of Tatyana Borisovna and Sergey Igorevich Kasatkin. Her father, Sergey, works as an engineer at the Volga Automotive Plant, while her mother, Tatyana, pursues a career in law.

Coming from a family with a sporting background, both of Daria’s parents were accomplished athletes at the national level in Russia. She also has an older brother named Alexandr. While her professional achievements are widely recognized, details regarding her educational background, friendships, or schooling are not readily available.

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Daria Kasatkina Age

Born on May 7, 1997, in Tolyatti, Russia, Daria Kasatkina, is currently 26 years old as of Februay 2024. She celebrates her birthday on the 7th of May every year.

Daria Kasatkina Height and Weight

The Russian professional tennis player stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m) and weighs 62 kg (137 lbs).

Daria Kasatkina Ranking

Kasatkina currently ranked No. 14 on the WTA singles rankings as of February 7, 2024.

Daria Kasatkina Coach

Italian tennis coach and former professional player, Flavio Cipolla, is currently the coach of Daria Kasatkina.

Daria Kasatkina Former Coaches

At the age of eleven, Daria Kasatkina commenced her tennis journey under the guidance of Maxim Prasolov. However, by the time she turned fourteen, she transitioned to coaching under Damir Rishatovich Nurgaliev. In 2015, seeking a training environment away from urban distractions, she relocated to Trnava, Slovakia, to join the Empire Tennis Academy, where she collaborated with former Slovak professional player Vladimír Pláteník.

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Following three years at the academy, Kasatkina opted for a coaching change in late 2017, appointing Belgian Philippe Dehaes as her new mentor. Interestingly, she had initially encountered Dehaes in late 2013 during a visit to Belgium in pursuit of funding from a foundation supporting one of his junior players.

Dehaes brought a distinct coaching approach, differing from Pláteník’s focus on opponent analysis and adaptation. He emphasized granting Kasatkina creative freedom on the court, likening her game to that of an artist with an empty canvas to fill. However, their partnership ended in February 2019, as Kasatkina expressed a desire to temporarily forego coaching, a decision Dehaes couldn’t accommodate.

After a two-month hiatus without a coach, Kasatkina enlisted the expertise of Carlos Martinez, former coach to compatriot Svetlana Kuznetsova, while her brother Alexandr took on the role of fitness trainer. However, her collaboration with Martinez concluded in February 2023, prompting her to enlist former player Flavio Cipolla as her new coach.

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Daria Kasatkina Husband or Boyfriend and Children

In a 2021 interview with Sofya Tartakova, Daria Kasatkina made comments that were perceived to hint at her bisexuality. However, in 2022, she offered clarity on this matter by openly identifying herself as a lesbian.

During an interview, she disclosed her romantic involvement with figure skater Natalia Zabiiako. Their relationship gained public attention when Kasatkina and Zabiiako shared mutual photos on Instagram.

Furthermore, Zabiiako and Kasatkina launched a YouTube vlog to share their adventures on the tennis tour. It’s worth noting that Kasatkina does not have any children.

Daria Kasatkina Instagram

Daria Kasatkina maintains a vibrant presence on Instagram under the username @kasatkina, where she engages with her sizable following of over 308K followers, sharing glimpses into her daily life and activities.

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