Date Rush Viewers Choice Awards: Fatima Loses Hilarious Female Of The Year To Cilla

The Viewer’s Choice Awards for this year’s Date Rush was held on July 4.
One of the most touted awards for the night was the Most Hilarious Female of the Year award and many thought Fatima will win, however, that wasn’t the case.

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At the end of the show, Fatima lost to one of the participants, Cilla.

Days ago, one of the other female participants, Khadijah, had revealed that Fatima bruised her emotions after she told her bluntly that she has a foul odor emanating from her mouth.

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Khadija spilled out this shocking development during the last episode of the Date Rush Reunion that was aired on TV3 and superintended by the regular host, Giovani Caleb.

Speaking further, she said Fatima’s words wounded her pride because she took her as her own sister.

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“She was even at my birthday party, and we caught my cake together. But she has changed so much and now behaving disrespectfully,” Khadija said during the show.


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