Dave Myers Cause of Death, Illness, Funeral

Dave Myers, renowned as one half of the popular duo the Hairy Bikers alongside Si King, has passed away at 66. His death comes within two years of him publicly sharing his battle with cancer.

Myers, recognized for his role as a television presenter and his participation in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, co-hosted several cooking shows with King on the BBC.

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Dave Myers Cause of Death, Illness, Funeral

In 2018, Myers received the diagnosis of glaucoma. By October 2021, his fellow Hairy Biker, Si King, announced Myers’ recovery from a bout with COVID-19.

By May 2022, Myers disclosed his cancer diagnosis, undergoing chemotherapy. In January 2023, during an appearance on BBC Breakfast, he shared news of an upcoming series of The Hairy Bikers TV show, along with an update on his ongoing treatment. Myers passed away on February 28, 2024, at 66, surrounded by his family and close friend Si King.

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Co-star and fellow motorcycle-riding chef, Si King, announcing Myers’ passing, stated that he was with Myers as he peacefully passed away at home on Wednesday. Alongside his wife, Liliana, family, and friend David, King expressed his profound loss, honoring their enduring bond and friendship.

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The statement conveyed heartfelt sentiments, expressing deep respect and love for Myers as he embarks on his journey beyond, leaving behind a lasting legacy.

Details regarding Dave Myers’ funeral arrangements have not yet been released.

Source: Kingaziz.com