Dave Myers Children: Did Dave Myers Have Kids?

Dave Myers, widely recognized as one half of the beloved “Hairy Bikers” TV chef duo in Britain, has passed away following a struggle with cancer, announced by his co-star and close friend Si King on Thursday. Myers was 66 years old.

Myers and King gained widespread acclaim in the UK and beyond with their “Hairy Bikers” television series, a unique blend of motorbike travel, humor, and cooking. This innovative format proved immensely popular, leading the bearded duo to publish over 25 cookbooks.

Myers initially worked as a make-up artist specializing in prosthetics when he crossed paths with King on the set of a BBC television drama in 1995.

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Their collaboration began with “The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook” on the BBC in 2004, where they embarked on adventures across countries like Portugal and Namibia, sampling local cuisine and attempting to cook it themselves.

Their journey continued with numerous series filmed in diverse locations worldwide, from Vietnam to Argentina and along Route 66 in the United States. Myers and King also chronicled their weight loss in “Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight,” offering health advice and recipes through their diet club.

Following his cancer diagnosis, Myers took a brief hiatus from work before joining King for their final show, “The Hairy Bikers Go West.” Currently airing, this series follows their travels along Britain’s west coast, from Scotland to Devon.

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Dave Myers Children: Did Dave Myers Have Kids?

While Dave Myers doesn’t have biological children, he has wholeheartedly embraced the role of a devoted stepfather to his wife Liliana’s two kids, Iza and Sergiu.

Their ages and specific details about their lives are kept private, as Dave prefers to shield them from the public eye. Nevertheless, he has openly expressed the joy they bring him, describing them as sources of immense happiness.

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Dave treats Iza and Sergiu as if they were his own, emphasizing his love and support for them. This blended family dynamic holds significant importance in Dave’s life, providing him with a sense of connection and family beyond his professional success on “The Hairy Bikers.”

Being a father figure to Iza and Sergiu allows Dave to share his experiences and love with them, guiding them along life’s journey. Despite the privacy surrounding their lives, it’s clear that Dave’s relationship with his stepchildren is deeply meaningful to him, bringing him joy and a sense of fulfillment in his personal life.

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