Davie Wilson Children: Did Davie Wilson Have Kids?

David Wilson was a Scottish international footballer who played as an outside left who was born on January 10, 1939, in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

He was perhaps best known for his decade at Rangers in which he played an important role in the club’s success in the early 1960s.

Wilson also spent made over 100 appearances for Dundee United.

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He was also selected 22 times for the Scotland national team, and was later a manager, primarily at Dumbarton where he had ended his playing career.

Davie Wilson


Wilson remained an enthusiastic supporter of the Rangers after his retirement. He attended many matches and functions and commented on the club’s struggles.

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Wilson was also an after-dinner speaker. In his spare time, he kept racing pigeons and was a lifelong teetotaler and non-smoker.

Wilson passed away on June 14, 2022, at the age of 85.

Davie Wilson Children: Did Davie Wilson Have Kids?

Davie Wilson was married to his wife, Avril Wilson.

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Wilson’s children were raised by Avril, who was taking care of their home while Davie is away at training and football games.

A few years ago, her baby died in the womb, and Avril had to struggle for her life after her own heart stopped four times.

His children’s names are not documented.

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Source: Kingaziz.com