Days After Her Younger Sister Married, Yvonne Okoro Says No Amount Of Pressure Will Make Her Marry

Fresh faced actress and TV host, Yvonne Okoro has said there’s no amount of pressure that will make her get married days after her younger sister married.

In a chit-chat with ace broadcaster and host of Atuu show, Abeiku Santana, the beautiful actress who’s of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent said the rate of divorce in the country was very high, and in order not to add to the numbers, it was best to take her time and marry the right man.

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‘I don’t believe in rushing into marriage and getting divorced. Then what’s the point of me getting married in the first place? I want to be happy with my man who would love me for who I am,’ she said.

According to Yvonne, she would prefer a man who is caring and appreciates his mother. “A man who loves his mother cherishes women and looks is the last thing I consider when choosing a man,’ she stated.

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Asked whether men come her way, the Single Six actress replied in the affirmative but said she was careful who she gave her heart to. Answering questions on her supposed ‘beef’ with Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro said she was okay with Yvonne Nelson and explained that it was a small misunderstanding that happened.

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Over the weekend, the younger sister of Yvonne Okoro, Roseline Okoro joined the ‘league of real women’ after she reportedly tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend in a spectacular ceremony punctuated by Nigerian tradition.

There’s scanty information about the man who’s marrying Roseline Okoro except that Ghanaian and Nigerian culture heavily dominated the colorful ceremony which perhaps gives a clue of his origin, albeit Okoro having blood relation with both countries.