Deana Bowdoin Children: Did Deana Bowdoin Have Kids?

Deana Bowdoin was an avid world traveler, animal lover, and a devoted student.

She was only one month away from her graduation at Arizona State University and seemed to have everything she wanted until she was tragically lost in the year 1978.

On January 6, 1978, 21-year-old Deana Lynne Bowdoin, an Arizona State University senior, met her parents for dinner and then went to meet a friend at a nearby bar.

The two stayed at the bar until midnight, then Bowdoin said to her friend she was heading to home.

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Deana Lynne Bowdoin
Deana Bowdoin (Credit: Family handout)

Bowdoin went back to her apartment in Tempe during the early hours on the 7th of January. Around 22:00 a.m. The boyfriend of Bowdoin returned to the apartment and discovered her corpse lying in the mattress.

Bowdoin was murdered by strangling with a belt, and also been repeatedly stabbed. Semen was discovered in her underwear and vagina, but it was not able to be definitively linked to any suspect.

Bowdoin’s murder remained unsolved over two decades and was later declared an unsolved cold case. Then, in 2001, the cold-case detective compared Bowdoin’s DNA fingerprint against a national database.

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The information he received was that of Clarence Dixon, a man who was already in jail and serving a life prison sentence at the Arizona federal prison after a sexual-assault conviction.

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In the wake of Bowdoin’s death, it was revealed that Dixon resided just across the street from her. Bowdoin’s family and friends were aware about the connection she had with Dixon, however.

Clarence Dixon was executed by lethal injection on May 11, 2022, the first state execution in more than eight years since the botched execution that was carried out by Joseph Wood in 2014.

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He was pronounced dead 11 minutes after the injection began. Dixon maintained his innocence in his final statement.

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Deana Bowdoin Children: Did Deana Bowdoin Have Kids?

Deana Bowdoin didn’t leave any child behind.

She has no children at the time of her.

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