Denise Van Outen Turned Down Strictly Come Dancing Host Job Before Tess Daly As It ‘Sounded Boring’

According to Denise Van Outen, she previously declined the opportunity to host Strictly Come Dancing because she believed the program would be “too boring.”

The 48-year-old TV personality, singer, and actress stated that Tess Daly had been offered the position of co-host after she rejected an offer from the late Bruce Forsyth to host the show but turned it down because she did not like the idea.

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Speaking on The Matt Haycox Show podcast, she revealed: “When they first came up with the idea, I was offered Strictly Come Dancing. I knew Bruce Forsyth really well. And I’ve done a few shows with him. We used to sing together. He came to me and approached me to be a sidekick in the new Strictly Come Dancing.”

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According to Denise the concept she was told had to do with celebrities learning ballroom dancing. She added that she was also supposed to open and close every episode with a song and dance number with Bruce.

She added that she thinks she is an idiot for thinking the show was going to be boring as it has now become a major hit.

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“I remember sitting there and I went to him ‘Bruce, it sounds really boring!’ So, they gave it to Tess Daly. Then it became a huge hit, and I was thinking maybe I was an idiot turning that down”