Derrick Josi Children: Meet All His Kids

Derrick Josi, born into a family of dairy farmers in the Pacific Northwest, cultivates the identical land that his great-grandfather, Alfred, worked on.

Alfred, having arrived in the United States from Switzerland in 1912 as an indentured servant, laid the foundation for the family’s farming legacy.

Derrick Josi Children: Meet All His Kids

Derrick and his wife Kaycee, who grew up in the world of Western horsemanship and earned numerous accolades in her college softball career, are proud parents to four children: Bryson, Addison, Reagan, and Dylan.

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Since their serendipitous blind date in 2011, marked by a casual fist bump, Derrick and Kaycee have been inseparable. They have not only deepened their roots in the community but have also actively networked within the food and agricultural industries across the country.

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Derrick Josi Profession

Derrick Josi embarked on his professional journey right after completing his degree, facing significant challenges in his early career. His work life was demanding, leaving him with little time for rest, especially given his lack of a college degree. Initially, he worked full-time in the clothing business.

After careful consideration, Derrick realized the potential of utilizing his managerial skills. Confident in his abilities, he aspired to secure a position as an Executive Assistant, yet he grappled with the challenge of navigating the hiring process.

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Despite enjoying his current workplace and having good relationships with colleagues, he sought a more challenging role. Determined to progress further, he took the initiative. Over time, Derrick has become a global figure, attaining professional success and making a significant impact on a broad audience.