Does Richard Simmons Have Any Siblings? Meet Brother Lenny Simmons

Milton Teagle “Richard” Simmons was born on 12 July 1948 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
He is an American fitness personality, actor, and video producer.

His other names include Milton Teagle Simmons, Milton Simmons, and Richard Teagle Simmons.
Simmons who was raised by a Methodist father and a Russian Jewish mother converted to Catholicism and went to Cor Jesu High School for his high school education.

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Richard Simmons 2022 Photos

He enrolled at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette but graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Arts.
Simmons was obese as a child due to excessive eating; he weighed 83 kilograms at the age of 15.
He desired to be a priest but moved to Los Angeles where he worked at a Beverly Hills restaurant called Derek’s as the maître d’hôtel.

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Simmons opened a gym in Beverly Hills, California called Slimmons where he catered to persons who were overweight.

Does Richard Simmons Have Any Siblings?

Yes, Richard Simmons has a sibling; a brother.

Meet Brother Lenny Simmons

Lenny Simmons is the older brother of Richard Simmons.
He is two years older than Richard.

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