Dr Grace Boadu Cause Of Death Revealed

Dr Grace Boadu, a well-known herbal medicine practitioner from Ghana and the CEO of Grace Gift Herbal Hospital, passed away on January 29, 2024. The news of her unexpected death stirred a significant reaction on social media, leaving many Ghanaians surprised.

Reports circulating online suggest that Dr Boadu may have experienced a fatal accident in her bathroom, resulting in a head injury. The sudden demise of Dr Grace Boadu announced on the evening of January 29, 2024, dominated social media discussions, with numerous individuals expressing their shock.

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Since her passing, the prevalent question both offline and on social media revolves around the circumstances leading to Dr. Boadu’s untimely death – “What was the cause of Dr. Grace Boadu’s demise?”

Dr Grace Boadu Cause Of Death

Details surrounding the circumstances of Dr Grace Boadu’s death have been limited, with only a few accounts shared online. Initially, her demise was linked to a prolonged illness that purportedly had affected her for several months.

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However, a Ghpage video later presented alternative information, proposing that the CEO of Grace Gift Herbal Hospital had slipped and fallen in her bathroom. According to the account provided, Dr Boadu was reportedly alone at home during the incident, which led to delays in receiving assistance.

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Source: Kingaziz.com