Educated Fools And Disappointed Graduates Shouting #FixTheCountry Should Fix Themselves – ‘Confused And Inconsistent’ Shatta Wale Slams Protesters

Shatta Wale has proven that he’s indeed the most confused and inconsistent artist in Ghana as said by Arnold Asamoah Baidoo few weeks ago.

The Ghanaian dancehall artiste, earlier reacting to the #fixthecountry protest and Ejura shooting, urged the youth in the country to go on the streets and protest rather than writing essays online.

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale stated it’s better for the youths to rise and fight on the streets rather than staying in their various homes and writing long essays on the various social media platforms which doesn’t make any sense.

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He said the problem of this country is the youth, because they can’t stand up and fight for what they actually want but rather, will be online typing long essays. He said this method by the youths in this country want to solve anything.

As for Ghana dierr the problem is us the youth ..we can’t stand up and fight for our right ..Nonesense ..Everyday typing online …Massa that no go solve anything ooo ,Rise and fight and stop writing this nonesense Essays !! Mek I tink

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Well, this same person has made an u-turn by clapping back at the youth in Ghana, including his best friend Efia Odo, who are calling for the country to be fixed.

The self-acclaimed dancehall king took to his Facebook page and described all #fixthecountry activists as ‘educated fools and disappointed graduates.”

According to Shatta Wale, the youth must fix themselves, but not the country that needs fixing.

On another post, Shatta Wale stated that if the youth think the president is not working, they know his house, they can go there as he urged them not to put their trust in man, but rather God.

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If you say the president is not working, you know his house go there erh? Everytime Mahama and Akuffo Addo mcheeewww!!! My guy put your trust in God and not man !! Think !!

His comments have since attracted massive criticisms and backlash on social media.

Is this not confused and inconsistent? Arnold should come for his stone as Shatta Wale has proven that he’s the most “Confused and Inconsistent” artiste in Ghana.