Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu TV Shows And Movies

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu is a Turkish actress and influencer living in Essex in the United Kingdom.

She is one of the contestants for Love Island 2022.

Love Island is a reality show with a group of men and women who participate in a series of tasks with a partner that they keep swapping until they meet the love of their life.

The actress was born on 21st August 1996. She is one of the two new entrants to the Love Island television reality show.

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Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu
Credit: The Sun

Ekin-Su studied performing arts at the University of Central Lancashire, where she was known as Susie Hayzel. She also underwent surgery during her time in school and has significantly transformed her look.

She is determined to leave the villa with love and has stated that she doesn’t mind stealing other girls’ men if that is what will make her find love.

Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu TV Shows And Movies

Cülcüloğlu has been featured in the Turkish TV series called Kuzey Yildizi (2020), which translates to North Star.

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The IMDb synopsis for the series reads: Families are also friendly to each other. Kuzey and Yildiz are engaged. But when Kuzey goes to Istanbul to study at university, he forgets all his words and sets sail for new love.

“When this is learned by his family, Kuzey is excommunicated by everyone in the village, including his own family.”

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Ekin-Su portrays the role of Isil in the dramatic series.

Not only that, but The Love Island star also took part in a film project while studying at university.

The project was a low-budget reality TV show called Lancashore.

In an effort to be like Geordie Shore, the ‘series’ followed the lives of a handful of male and female students.

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com