Empress Gifty’s Husband, Hopeson Adorye, Dirty Himself As He Fights Thosecalledcelebs

The husband of gospel musician Empress Gifty, Hopeson Adorye has dirtied himself as he fights faceless blogger Thosecalledcelebs sharing a photo of a lady claiming to be her.

The blogger started rumors of Hopeson Adorye having an affair among other things saying the marriage of Empress Gifty is on fire and even though Empress has debunked such rumors, her husband has gone far with the whole issue.

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Hopeson Adorye shared a photo of a lady claiming she is the one behind the blog Thosecalledcelebs saying he spent a lot of money to dig her out, and he’s going to deal with her for making false allegations against him.

Some netizens decided to console Hopeson Adorye to put an end to whatever he plans to do with the faceless blogger since it doesn’t suit his personality and that of his wife asking him to end everything, but he ended up insulting all of them.

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Hopeson Adorye the respected politician and husband of Empress Gifty dirtied himself by insulting those who decided to draw his attention to the fact that he’s a respected fellow who doesn’t need to be involving himself in such things.

He has claimed he’s going to deal with the faceless blogger who he claims has found her identity and where she lives in Germany, but this action of Hopeson Adorye has made some people who respected him so much express disappointment in him.

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See the screenshot below;

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