Erica Banks Net Worth 2024

Erica Banks Net Worth: Learn more about how rich the American rappers is as we delve into her finances and music career.

Erica Banks Net Worth

Through her successful music career as a rapper, Erica Banks has accumulated a significant fortune with an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Continue reading to learn more about her career which she made her money from.

Erica Banks Career

Erica Banks, hailing from DeSoto, Texas, is a notable American rapper born on October 5, 1998. Her journey in the music scene gained traction after the release of three mixtapes, ultimately leading to a signing with 1501 Certified Entertainment. In June 2020, her self-titled mixtape debuted, propelled by the viral success of its lead single “Buss It” on TikTok.

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Her artistic inclinations began early, as she started writing poems at the age of 12, later transitioning to crafting rap verses during her high school years. Despite initially pursuing nursing studies at Texas A&M University-Commerce, her passion for music led her to abandon her studies and focus solely on her musical aspirations.

Erica Banks Net Worth
Erica Banks

In 2018, Banks independently released her debut single “Talk My Sh!t” on SoundCloud, paving the way for further recognition. The following year, she dropped her first official mixtape titled “Art of the Hustle” on March 17, 2019.

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Banks’s trajectory skyrocketed when she caught the attention of 1501 Certified Entertainment, impressing its CEO, former baseball player Carl Crawford, with a snippet of “Buss It” during an Instagram Live session in April 2019. Despite releasing her next two mixtapes, “Pressure” and “Cocky On Purpose,” independently, Banks officially joined 1501 Certified.

In June 2020, Banks unleashed her fourth mixtape titled “1501 Certified,” featuring full versions of “Buss It” and “Give Me That,” which further solidified her presence in the music scene. The momentum continued as “Give Me That” garnered attention on TikTok, leading to her debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in January 2021.

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Simultaneously, Banks inked a deal with Warner Records for her upcoming album, marking a significant milestone in her career. Shortly after, she collaborated with American singer Yella Beezy on the track “Star,” further amplifying her visibility in the industry.