Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Down; Company Blames Hackers

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Down; Company Blames Hackers

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook have all been affected with a massive blackout.

The three applications, that are controlled by Facebook and operate on a shared framework, have all stopped functioning in a matter of minutes before five p.m. (12pm at EST).

Other items that are essential to the same group of applications, including Facebook workplace, also stopped working.

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Users of the Facebook website generally got a blank page or a message telling them that their application couldn’t connect to.

It was clear that the WhatsApp and Instagram applications continued to function but didn’t display any latest content, which includes any messages that were sent or received during the problems.

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Is Facebook down?

Yes Facebook is currently down

Is WhatsApp down?

Yes, WhatsApp is down

Is Instagram down?

Yes Instagram is down

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