Fadda Dickson Subtly Replies Funny Face After He Ungratefully Insulted Him And His Mother

Fadda Dickson has replied subtly to the ingratitude from Funny Face, who insulted him for bailing on him and refusing to assist him because of what the baby’s mama or her mommy had said to him.

Funny Face in a video not remembering all that Fadda Dickson, Adebayor, and Bola Ray have done for him over through the years, and scolded them and the mothers of their children for refusing to stick with him in the thick and thin because they advised him, and did not listen.

Funny Face has slammed Fadda Dickson for a long time due to the fact that he had recently requested help from him, but he refused. Fadda Dickson has responded to his ranting by saying that he is not letting the world and ungenerous people such as them stop him from sharing.

As per Fadda Dickson that when he gives it, it is not accompanied by strings attached, and he’s not keeping track regarding the amount owed to him by someone else since when he makes a donation to it, he decides to do it without motives other than his own.

Fadda Dickson stated that he does this because he understands the feeling of being in a place without and be ignored, talk and have no one listen, give and not receive anything back and when he donates it’s because he recognizes the worth of the things that are within his heart.

He is not willing to allow the world or unkind people such as Funny Face stop him from sharing, since giving is an issue of the heart and is a principle of the kingdom and not to please the people who surround him. Therefore, nobody can hinder him from sharing his knowledge with other people.

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Source: Kingaziz.com