Fameye and son swimming

Fameye Captured Giving His Son Some Swimming Lessons (Video)

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Ghanaian musician, Peter Fameye who is simply known in showbiz as Fameye has been captured in a video giving his son some swimming lesson.

He was actually in the company of both his son and his lovely fiancee and he shared this lovely video on his Instagram story.

The award-winning musician was seen teaching his son Arvid A. Fameye Jnr how to swim as his lovely fiancee watched in amazement.

Watch the video below:


Meanwhile, he shared a piece of advice with his fans, telling them to make judicious use of the talents.

He made the post on Facebook and he advised his fans to create jobs out of their talents. He advised them to create jobs for themselves, rather than seeking jobs in another person’s institution.

He further advised that the fact that one does not have talent does not mean one cannot create a source of revenue for himself/herself.

Aside from the normal talents like singing, dancing, talking, playing of instruments and the likes, some people are blessed with the ability to excel elsewhere aside from these ones. Someone might not be a good singer but might be very good in accountability, hence a talent that can generate income for themselves.

The post he made reads;

“Create your job with your talent
You no get talent sef create your job
Create the job don’t look for job.”