Fidel Ramos Wife: Who Is Amelita Martinez Ramos? Wiki, Age, Children

Fidel Valdez Ramos CCLH, GCS, KGCR, popularly known as FVR and Eddie Ramos, has passed away.

Born on March 18, 1928, in Lingayen, Philippines, Ramos was a Filipino general and politician who served as the 12th president of the Philippines from 1992 to 1998.

Ramos was the only career military officer who reached the rank of five-star general/admiral de jure who rose from the second lieutenant up to commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

He was widely credited and admired by many for revitalizing and renewing international confidence in the Philippine economy during his six years in office.

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Fidel Ramos

Ramos was credited with the creation of the Philippine Army’s Special Forces and the Philippine National Police Special Action Force.

He remained active in politics after his retirement, serving as an adviser to his successors.

He passed away on July 31, 2022, at Makati Medical Center, Makati, Philippines, at the age of 94 due to the complications of COVID-19.

Fidel Ramos Wife: Who Is Amelita Martinez Ramos?

Amelita Martinez Ramos was the wife of the late Fidel Ramos. The couple got married in 1953 and were still together as husband and wife until the death of her husband.

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Amelita Martinez Ramos Wikipedia

Amelita “Ming” Jara Martinez-Ramos is a former First Lady of the Philippines. She is the widow of Fidel Ramos.

She was a particularly visible advocate of sport, a field outside the traditional realm of First Ladies.

Aside from being a sportswoman, Ramos is also recognised as a talented amateur pianist, performing on several occasions with the Executive Combo Band of Raul Manglapus.

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Amelita Martinez Ramos Age

She is currently 94 years.

Amelita Martinez Ramos Birthday

She was born on December 29, 1927, in Manila, Philippines.

Amelita Martinez Ramos Children

Amelita Martinez Ramos together with her husband Fidel Ramos were blessed with five daughters; Jo Ramos, Cristina Ramos-Jalasco, Carolina Ramos-Sembrano, Gloria Ramos, and Angelita Ramos-Jones.

Is Amelita Martinez Ramos Still Alive

Yes, Amelita Martinez Ramos is still alive, she is not dead.