Frank Williams Net Worth 2022

Frank Williams was a famous British journalist and racing car driver.

Williams played Reverend Timothy Farthing in the BBC comedy; he joined the ensemble in 1969 and continued to appear in sporadic episodes all the way up to the final one in 1977.

Credit: BBC

Williams, who was raised in Edgeware, London, began his career in theater but later found success on television.

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Williams participated in episodes including You Rang, M’Lord?, Hi-de-Hi!, and What’s Up Nurse in addition to his role as Timothy in Dad’s Army, which saw his character get into all kinds of scrapes.

Frank Williams Net Worth 2022

The late British journalist and racing car driver has an estimated net worth of $200 million at the time of death in 2022.

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Williams passed away on June 26, 2022, at the age of 90.

A statement on his official Facebook page from his loved ones confirmed his death.

“So sorry to say that our beloved friend, colleague and actor, Frank Williams, passed away this morning. He was almost 91, and we are grateful for all the years of joy, laughter and happiness he brought to so many. Thank you Frank! x.”

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