Gavin Henriquez: Who Is Whitney Heard Henriquez Husband?

Whitney Heard, who is currently appearing in a court hearing involving her sister Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Miss Heard was born 18 September 1987 and was raised in Austin, Texas. Her parents are Paige Heard (mother) and David Clinton Heard (father) who was an actor and constructor.

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Credit: Bollywood

She is married with two children. Whitney is said to have worked in the hospitality industry pre-pandemic times.

She has also tried her hands in the entertainment industry, appearing in the 2007 comedy Homo Erectus as Ugna, according to IMDb.

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Whitney has managed to keep a very low profile in spite the publicity that surrounds her sister.

Gavin Henriquez: Who Is Whitney Heard Henriquez Husband?

Whitney Heard is a married woman. The name of her husband is Gavin Henriquez. Gavin resides in Los Angeles, California with his family.

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The couple have two children; Hunter Wylde and Harlin Willow.

Like his wife, Gavin keeps a low profile. Other than a family photos with him included his personal information is difficult to come by online.